Style Booster – Kitchen pick-me-ups

With the new year,
I’ve been talking about defining your style in your home.
(See my last post:  Style – What’s Your Thread? for some tips)
Because once you know your style, you can make the best decisions
when it comes to furnishing your home.
There will be a sense of order and harmony from room to room
that truly speaks to who you are, 
instead of a mismatched collection of mistakes.


No more buyer’s remorse!
Just  the confidence to move forward and create the home you’ve always envisioned.

So let’s do it!
Take some time to think about the rooms that need the most TLC
and prioritize.
I’m going to start in the kitchen and give you some quick
that will hopefully motivate and encourage

via Pinterest

For starters, I’m lovin’ this cute little mini herbal garden.
Keeps something "green" in your kitchen all through the dreary days of Winter.
And it will spice up your favorite recipes, too.

 via Pinterest

Do you have a potential collection hiding in your pantry?
Maybe it starts with just one special platter that was handed down to you.
Start acquiring more and give them center stage in your kitchen.
It’s a guaranteed personal "Style" statement!

 House Beautiful via Pinterest

Find a place to paint a fresh splash of color.  It can be
the interior of your cabinets
or an accent wall.
 This is particularly effective in an all-white kitchen
and adds an unexpected touch that says
"I like to have fun!"

Are you energized yet?


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