Style Booster – Refresher Course

It seems there’s a recurring theme in my projects right now.
My clients are on a mission!
In various forms, each one is searching  for a magic formula that will inject their home with…
But as we all know, it takes more than adding a few accessories here and there.
That’s one reason I started my series on 
My hope is to give you a little bit of a design road map…
to inspire you as you navigate each room of your home…
and help you create a blueprint that expresses "YOU" and your personality.
So with that in mind, I’m circling back with you 
to check in on your progress.
Have you taken the leap?


"Even one small change can be a step in the right direction 
towards putting your personal stamp on your home."

We’ve walked through the key rooms in your home,
starting in the kitchen where I gave some easy tips for
adding your personal style without major changes.

From there we took a hard look at the room where you spend all your time,
the family room,

Design by Joan Waddell

and the rooms where you should spend MORE time –
your dining room and living room.

Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair
Thomas O’Brien design

We also talked about first impressions, inside AND out!
What does your front entry say about you and what’s inside?


My foyer was the first project I tackled when I bought my house 18 years ago,
even though there was a long list of needed renovations!

Joan Waddell’s foyer

What was my second?
My bedroom!
For me, knowing I had a cozy, inviting cocoon to return to each night,
was all I needed to be able to tackle the world the next day!
On our tour of your bedroom, I encouraged you to explore colors that make you feel
happy and content.

Todd Romano design

After all, the bedroom should nurture and rejuvenate – and to me,
color is the key ingredient.

As I write this,
I’m thinking it’s time for me to evaluate my own rooms!
So I guess we’re on this journey together.
And it can be both fun…….and cleansing
if we have the right attitude

I’ve added links to past posts on
so check them out for a refresher course.
Here’s to much needed change!


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