Style Booster – What are you clinging to?


Is your living room turning into THIS???

It seems things come in spurts.
Lately, I’ve heard the same concern from many of my clients,


Since we’ve been working so hard on making your home
I just couldn’t go another week without talking about this issue.

We’ve all been given family "heirlooms" with the expectation that we will
preserve and protect for the next generation.
The "issue" becomes when our heirloom stash starts to dictate the decisions in our homes.
This is so counter to the nurturing environment we are trying to create!

Are you guilty of moving all the furniture around in your living room
just to accommodate Aunt Gertrude’s Victorian settee and matching chair?
Are you lining pieces up against the walls because there’s no more room?

You get the point.
Sometimes these old pieces, are just that…

It’s time to take a hard, objective look at your accumulated family treasures
and decide which ones are truly important to you
and which ones are NOT.

I’m not suggesting that you get rid of all your family ties,
just that you make a very conscious decision of what comes in to your home.
Ask yourself, "Am I taking this piece out of guilt or obligation?"
"Do I really love this now and forever?"
There are diplomatic ways to decline a well-intentioned gift.
Offer it to a sibling or close friend – someone who will truly enjoy it.

Charlotte Moss design – Courtesy of Traditional Homes Magazine

Imagine your home with ONLY the hand-picked, precious pieces that speak to you.
I love this room designed by Charlotte Moss
because it’s the perfect blend of edited antiques, updated accessories
and comfortable upholstery.

Maybe you didn’t have the good fortune to inherit a timeless coromandel screen like this one,
but the concept is still the same.
This room works because it’s a finely tuned mix of new and old,
fresh and historic, colorful and muted.

Your home can be just as inviting.  Really!
It starts with a decision –
 "I’m only going to live with things I love!"


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