Style Booster – What’s outside?

What’s outside your house says
as much about you as what’s INSIDE!
While we’ve been concentrating on ways to boost your "style" inside your home,
with the warmer weather, I thought it was time to take a closer look at the outside.
The best way to be objective about this exercise is to actually 
go through the motion of approaching your front door
as if you have never seen it before.
What do you see?
Is it cluttered with mismatched pots, neglected plants or 
worn-out wreaths?
Or is there organization and harmony?
While your entry may not be this grand, the principles are the same.
The potted plants are carefully arranged to lead you to the front door.
And the harmony comes from everything in a singular color scheme.
Even the stone pavers echo the green!
Simplicity is often the best treatment for your front entry.  
No fussy ornamentation here.  Just well-placed planters,
 iron lanterns, and a fabulous bright green door!
(I love the shape of the mullions on the door and side lights – so unique)
It’s everything you could ask for…
interesting, pretty and an invitation to come inside.


So, here’s the question – how do you put your
on the front of YOUR house?

(Super tip #1:  Pinpoint the best architectural features of your front entry and play them up!) 

All eyes are focused on the door and side lights in this beautiful entry.
Everything is placed strategically to frame the door…
And the hanging lantern creates an exclamation point!

(Super tip #2:  Edit, edit, edit.  Less is more when it comes to this area of your home.
Pick one or two signature elements that speak to your style and then stop! 
You want your guests to be intrigued by your entry, not overwhelmed.)

Maybe it’s as simple as adding a stunning door knocker!
I love this antique one so much I’m seriously considering reproducing it…
It could definitely be a "signature" piece for my front door.

Now it’s your turn.  Take a walk up to your front door and ask yourself,
"Does this say something about ME?"



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