Summers are for tomatoes and the color RED!

Sarah Trefny – Heirloom Tomato no.2
As I munched on a super fresh tomato salsa and blue corn chips today, it occurred to me…
I’m obsessed with these beautiful juicy gifts from nature!
But it’s more than their tasty flavor that keeps me coming back.
It’s the 
How alluring it is, in it’s many shades.
And as is often the case, 
"The design world has once again taken its cue from nature
and pushed this fabulous color to the forefront."
Martyn Lawrence Bullard wallcoverings for Schumacher
Martyn Lawrence Bullard put a fresh spin on his new wallpaper design
by grounding it with this shock of red.
Both energetic and calming, 
he effectively uses red to balance the strong pattern in the wallpaper.
Via High Point Market on Pinterest
Red was popping up everywhere this spring
at High Point Market.
I particularly love the faux Malachite secretary with it’s racy red interior!
Global Views 
And these organic glass bowls would look right at home with 
a big pile of just-picked tomatoes in them!
Design mimics nature…
We’ve come full circle, haven’t we.



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