The Creative Process


As a designer, it is important to know how to mix many different elements together in a space. In developing a new room design, I pull lots of great resources from my studio to help me visualize the concept. With two floors of samples to choose from, the possibilities are only limited by my imagination!

Samples of  fabrics, flooring, and anything else that provides inspiration give me the foundation to build my scheme.

My studio, a converted bungalow, is a pleasure to work in with lots of natural light (a critical ingredient in design) and enough space to house many necessary resources.  It’s wonderful to have everything at my fingertips throughout the creative process. How lucky I am to work in such a comfortable environment!

Follow me in upcoming posts as I explore the world of design, from exquisite products to lifestyle trends that will move you to create YOUR perfect enviroment.

Embrace the joys of good design!

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