The Design Unfolds

1. Armed with our chosen pieces of furniture from the State Archives, we were ready to pull the scheme together. Mixing Asian and Empire seemed liked a natural with the fantastic oriental print fabric we found for our key fabric. The design board tells the story as we envisioned it.

2. Installation day arrived with a few glitches! Since we did not have boxed springs for our mattress, a custom wood frame box had to be fabricated on-site. We crossed our fingers that the bedskirt and coverlet would fit once the mattress was put in place.
3. The bed came together nicely. It was both elegant and exotic, with the addition of the faux leopard throw.
4. Nothing was more exciting than seeing the persimmon plaid silk drapes go up. And the cornice boards truly added the finishing touch.
5. At the end of the day, tired but happy with the results!

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