This little piggy went to market!

And what a market it was! It always amazes me how the furnishing industry continues to invent, create and present the most beautiful pieces for their showrooms at market. Twice a year, every year. Imagine the pool of talent that is required to meet this continual challenge! This is why I never tire of going to market. It’s never the same and always an exciting adventure. I get to view the newest offerings of furnishings, from lamps to sofas, that will hit the shelves in the coming months. And the best part – shopping for my clients!

This year was no exception. I was constantly on the hunt for the perfect table, artwork, chair or bookcase. With so many showrooms to hit and only four days, planning and focus was key. There were certain trends that emerged in one form or another. Take a look as some of the biggest trends I found this season.
1. Anthropology – A connection to the past through nature encased in frames, repurposing of found objects and science as art
2. Rustication – Think old with a new coat of paint. Distressing, crustation, layering and any technique to add instant "age" to furniture was prevelant. But these new finishes were definitely not tame! The look was fresh and updated, even whimsical.
3. Color is King – Pink with brown, gray with yellow, values of purple from the palest lavender to deep aubergine and all shades of green. And then there were the brights! Vivid hues were toned down with the new neutrals like gray and brown, while there was a playful mix of trendy color combinations like chartreuse and lilac. Have you noticed how color trends are never very far removed from the colors found in nature?

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