Twelve Days of Christmas Design Tips – Build a Collection

I admit it, 
I kind of go crazy with Christmas decorating….
especially when it comes to my collections.
But it’s 
to search for new pieces throughout the year,
anticipating the next holiday when I get the see them all together.
And so it is with my Christmas hutch
Although I love my collection of Quimperware that is normally displayed on my hutch
it takes on a certain magical quality at Christmas.
It all started with my first nutcracker, which was a gift from my mother many years ago.
My kids loved it so much, I decided to add another one the next year and then another
until my collection grew so large it took over the hutch!
At the same time this collection was expanding, 
I was gathering vintage Christmas items to adorn the shelves. 
There were the tiny knit stockings, and the tin houses…
and then I found a musical Santa train.
And one of my favorite pieces,
a first edition, Miracle on 34th Street" .
Before I knew it, the shelves were brimming with all my found treasures.
My hutch became a menagerie of nutcrackers and Christmas memorabilia!
The result is what I call
(I’ll explain in a minute)
Out with the Quimperware, in with the Christmas goodies!
Part of the fun is opening up everything that’s been tucked away for a year…
…and then seeing it arranged in a whimsical way (Each year it’s a little different).
But wait!  There’s still more to come.
Joan Waddell Christmas Hutch
It’s not complete until the nutcrackers come out of hiding!
As for the "I Spy Christmas"…
   When my kids were young, I would play the "I Spy" game with them
after arranging the hutch. 
"I Spy Three Teddy Bears"
"I Spy a Circus Lion on Wheels"
"I Spy Four Tin Soldiers"
It was sort of a precursor to "Elf on a Shelf", in my mind.
What wonderful memories are lovingly preserved in these shelves!
And now, the game continues with all the little ones that come over for our family Christmas dinner.
Create your own living memories with a holiday collection and see the magic happen!



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