Twelve Days of Christmas Design Tips – “Hable Style”

‘Tis the season…..
for rushing around, adding layers to my already packed days, and generally trying to do too much!
…which is why 
I came up with these fool-proof Christmas design ideas in the first place.
But I’m certainly not the only designer who creates simple, yet beautiful Christmas shortcuts.
In my last post, I mentioned that I had a few surprises lined up for you.
Today, I’m so excited to share Susan Hable’s tips for the season!
 Susan is the creative talent behind Hable Construction, a fabulous US-based textile company
that produces fabric lines and other products for the home.
Check out more about Susan on my recent post
Susan Hable of Hable Construction Glitter Houses
Look at her incredible display of "Glitter Houses"!  
This is what she says about it,
"My foolproof decorating/design tip for the holidays 
starts with my collection of glittery houses that I add to each year.  
My children love them and especially sprinkling the snow around…
It’s fantasy and magical and usually I light them with LED tea candles at night 
tucked in tiny spots around the houses.  This year they are on a fun round marble table
under a chandelier covered in seeded eucalyptus.  
Quiet dreamy indeed!
We spend the majority of our holiday in Texas with my family 
Isn’t her wallpaper awesome?  So festive.
Susan Hable of Hable Construction Christmas Front Door
Susan also told me about her decorating choice for her front door this year.
"Fresh greenery around the front door is a must…
Each year it’s different but this year I have a magnolia garland 
that extends around the door – Very simple and basic
Hable Construction Reindeer Stocking for Garnet Hill
I just had to add one of my favorite designs from Hable Construction’s
holiday line for Garnet Hill
Rudolph would definitely add a "hip" factor to any Christmas decor this year!
Thanks, Susan, for your thoughtful tips to help us 
simplify…and beautify 
our homes during the holidays.
If you’re like me, there’s still lots to do 
so keep in touch 
for more handy Christmas design tips from some of my favorite bloggers!


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