Walking the halls…

My Mother’s Day was just that – 
a day when I could create my very own "day"!
And what fun I had visiting my daughter in Cincinnati.
What else was on my agenda, you ask?
Something was pulling me to return to my "Design Roots"!
This is the place where I spent my college years and MANY LONG HOURS,
or DAAP as it’s called (Design, Architecture, Art and Planning)
I have a love/hate relationship with this place, 
as I’m sure many of you can relate to with your own college adventure!  
It’s the place that challenged everything I knew (or thought I knew)
and pushed me to the limit,  both creatively and intellectually.
The teaching style was based on critiques,
a grueling process of design development that usually lasted a full 3 months 
and culminated in critical assessment of your project by all of the department professors.
I was beaten down, encouraged, beaten down some more
until the final project was something I was truly proud of.
This was my life for five years.
And this is where I spent it – Studio class.
Sitting on one of those very uncomfortable metal stools  brought back so many emotions…
tears, sleep deprivation, laughs and elation all wrapped together.
But in the end, I must have been smiling in this shot for a reason.
I was pulled here on Mother’s Day for a reason – 
It was a sweet reminder of how my life has unfolded, from design student 
to mother of two beautiful, bright children.
It truly was a " Mother’s" day for me
Thanks to my wonderful family.


I certainly have.

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