What happened to ENTERTAINING?

Something happened along the way…
I’m not sure if it was a gradual decline
more abrupt with the recession,
but somehow many of us lost the desire to 
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This revelation came to me after a day that was less routine, and way more fun!
A good friend and I took some time away from work 
to attend a fundraising garden tour in our community
and then a luncheon and silent auction by the pool.
It was so great to reconnect with friends I hadn’t seen in a while,
not to mention the gorgeous gardens, homes, and food! 
This was entertaining in a big way, with lots of interesting people and a great cause.
Kudos to the joint garden clubs who put on this fantastic event!
Everyone left with smiles on their faces…
Fast forward to a late appointment I had with a wonderful client of mine.
We talked for a while about her home 
and how beautiful the renovation turned out. 
They added a new den, kitchen, bar,screened porch and patio area.
It was all designed for…you guessed it…
But here’s the kicker…my client said,
"We just don’t entertain much anymore"
I had come full circle in one day –
from a huge entertaining event to
meeting with a client who admitted that she hadn’t entertained in a long time.
That’s when it hit me.
I got a unique perspective today, which was a big wake-up call.
I was reminded that it’s really very simple…
 If we all would remember WHY we entertain, then maybe we would do it more often.
It’s about friendships, sharing commonalities, and building relationships.
Whether you’re living on an impressive estate or
in a tiny apartment, it really doesn’t matter.
The point of entertaining is to connect with people you enjoy.
And the more you give of yourself, the more you will receive in return
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We’ll talk more about this, especially since it’s a great way to express your "Style"
There are soooo many ways to entertain in and around your home so stayed tuned.



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