Winter blahs? Light it up!

This is my dreary view from the conference table in my studio.
We haven’t had sustained sunshine in weeks
and I’m definitely feeling the winter blahs.
How ’bout you?
But there’s hope!  Spring is not far away…
and in the meantime, we can cheer up our interiors with some 
artificial "Sunshine".
I’ve always been a big fan of lighting.
I think it’s because it has such a dramatic impact on a room.
Not only does it cast its magical glow, but the style of lighting can
really create a focal point.
So, on this very overcast day,
I’m sharing some of my favorite new lighting from sconces to chandeliers,
to create a little brightness for us all!
Global Views Flying Wall Sconce
Sooo cool!  Both modern and retro, this Global Views sconce is sculptural art!
And because it’s wall mounted it stays out-of-the way.
Made Goods Arron lamp
Made of metalized stones that are stacked, this Made Goods lamp is a real a statement piece.
It would make ME very happy to see it every day
Ralph Lauren for Visual Comfort Montauk Search Light

Functional art that’s beautifully crafted in oak and polished nickel,
I love the idea of placing this fab floor lamp from Ralph Lauren in a dark corner and illuminating the walls.
Instant mood lighting!

Thomas O’Brien for Visual Comfort Silouette Fretwork Library Light

I’m always looking for small scaled lamps to tuck in a book shelf.
This little bronze number from Thomas O’Brien is a mere 21″ high,
but it’s a huge winner in my book.

Ro Sham Beaux Fiona chandelier

The Fiona chandelier is so pleasing to look at.
Maybe that’s because the shape is so familiar.

What’s really special about this piece is that they’ve referenced
the classical French Empire-style chandelier in its shape
but not in materials.
Using more organic elements like hemp and faux-bone beads,
it feels more comfortable for our lifestyle today.

This is one of those pieces that I would have a
hard time deciding
which room to put it in…
Foyer, dining room, powder room…
 and oh-so-chic over a soaking tub!

Do you feel a little better?
I know I do.
Just thinking about these beautiful lighting options
reminds me that Spring will return,
 as it always does.

Here’s to sunny skies, or until then, beautifully illuminated interiors!




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